Monday, March 03, 2008


But I mean that in a literal way. The freaking wind was crazy. Not sure how fast it was blowing but there were white caps on the river. The temp was great about 44 but because of the wind blowing off the water it felt about 24. So I started out wearing to many clothes. By about 4 miles I was stripping. There are a couple notables with this race for me. First off this year I ran 7 minutes faster than last year. That is a huge improvement. Now the Hobbit thinks that last year I ran like a puss. Which is possible but I don't think so, maybe a little, but not 7 minutes worth. Last year's condition were also perfect,cool, no wind, perfect. Which means this years result are that much more meaningful. I know what your thinking the wind was at your back going one way and in your face going the other. No! the first 6.5 miles the wind kind of swirled, sometimes at our backs sometimes in our faces but mostly hitting us sideways. But on the way back particularly miles 7.5-11 it was dead in our faces. At mile 10 with the exact same cadence and stride length my pace dropped from 7:10/mile to 8:15/mile and my quads were on fire definitely above LT. Needless to say I had to back off a little. I was saved at about 11 miles when a woman who was pretty tall passed me. I was able suck in behind her and draft for about a mile to recover. Then I passed her and left her, it's a race right. I think I beat her by 55 sec.
The Hobbit beat me again,Bastard!!!. I think he benefited from being 3ft 6". the wind went right over his nappy little head. At any rate he ran a 1:35:25 and I went 1:37:44.

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