Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Snow

2-4 more inches are falling as we speak, or as I type. So it will be bike on the trainer again.....shit! The running is going ok though 24 miles so far this week with a 16 miler planned for Sun. Today my legs were a little tired the goal for the workout was 1 mile warm up then 5 miles at tempo pace ~ 7:30/mi. but after 3 miles at pace I was struggling a little. I think this is because Tony and I did speed work on Tues. with Bloomsday Road Runners at the SCC track. Then yesterday we ran most of the Bloomsday course, including the hill. So, long story, longer, I was tired.
Also on Tuesday I went to the doc about the elbow. I actually saw the PA. She shot an x-ray which shows a spur, but that's not the problem. She thinks,and the doc agreed, that I have a messed up elbow. So she shot some depo-medrol, steroid, into the irritated area and sent me to talk to the PT guys. The PT guy did some ultrasound, then some message,hurt like hell. Then some electrostimulation thing while it was wrapped in an ice pack. I'm continuing my NSAID and seeing the PT guy 2x week if it's not better in 2 weeks it may have to be scoped. But so far it is feeling better with the current regiment but I have yet to swim. We will see if I can't get to the pool.

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kerrie said...

thanks about the comment on the garmin...i was wondering the same thing myself. it was showing some pretty wonky stuff for the track i ran on yesterday - significant elevation changes every lap!

it is supposed to snow here tonight! waaaaaahhhhhh