Monday, November 10, 2008

Yes We Can?? Maybe

Wow! what a week!! I would love to go off on some political rant about the power of democracy right now. To offer my support and appreciation for our system of government as a citizen of our great country. The hope of a colorblind society and the dreams of every boy and girl to truly BE anything you want to BE. Even as a republican it's hard to ignore the significance of this past week. However, the problems we face are so great that I'm not sure any amount of optimism can overcome them. I am hopeful though, what other choice is there? Time will tell all.

A brief recap of the vacation would be difficult at best. As this trip was full of blunders. That started when we dropped off our car at the park and ride lot only to realize 5 mins later that I had forgot to lock the car. The guy gave us the option to turn around to lock it or assured us that he would do it for us. We took him at his word. Blunder numero 2 was Alaska Airlines'. They actually had a few on this trip. Starting way back when I booked this trip. It's very frustrating for me to try to plan these trips anymore. You do your best to get as many direct flights as possible you pick the seats you think you want. Always fear full that you will put yourself next to the 300# lady that wears to much perfume, won't shut up and has about 150# of her fat ass is your seat. Or you'll have either the guy with the nagging cough behind you. Or if your really lucky the screaming baby. I went 2 for 3. But you do your best and keep your fingers crossed. Not that it does you much good. In this case I got an email from Alaska air telling me that they had to change my flight selection because they were eliminating the direct flight to LA. Great!! So instead of getting to Cabo at 1:20 pm would will now get their at 5:42 pm, with 3 hour layover in LA. We made the most of the layover by having Jayne's sister meet us at the airport and take us to lunch and meet her new baby, cute kid. Onward to Cabo we go only to discover upon arrival that my luggage did not make the trip with us. Jayne's did but not mine. So by the time we talk to the Mexican rep for Alaska it's 6:30. We finally get to the condo at 7:00, thanks Alaska air. Remember this is day 1 and I have nothing to wear for day 2. So the 1st order of business of day 2 is go buy some board shorts so we could go surfing.
The next major blunder came 2 days later when went scuba diving at Cabo Pulmo. This is a trip we have made several times in the past and has almost always been worth the trip. But not this time, except for the fun we had laughing at the comedy of errors that the day had brought. Including but not limited to a misplaced reservation, a French divemaster that had no idea where he was going, getting stuck in the sand and going on detour through the desert with absolutely no idea where we were going. The following day was to be a deep sea fishing trip. 4 of us opted for the trip including my 2 friends form Indiana that had met us down there, and the Hobbit and me. Everything started out fine, as they usually do. And within about 30 min. Tony had caught a huge dorado. It went right down the shitter from there. The seas were quite rough and it was decided that we go up the coast about 20 miles further to go after some marlin that the crew had heard were biting over the the radio. When we got up there it was unlike anything I had ever seen. There must have been 50 boats within this 1 square mile and it looked like everyone of them were catching marlin. They were jumping all around us. there were even fish jumping that weren't caught. They were flying all over the place. Well except at our boat. It turns out that we had the 2 dumbest fishermen in Mexico. First let me explain something about deep sea fishing in Mexico anyway. You really don't fish, they fish, then if they hook something they give you the pole and you reel it in. So dumb and dumber catch everything but fish. They catch the bottom, a couple of times. They caught each others lines at least twice. Once they even caught the line of someone fishing from another boat and man were they pissed. The little fiasco actually resulted in loosing the pole into the ocean, which I retrieved. As a result the pole retrieval they ended up with about 200 ft of fishing line piled up on the deck of the boat. Now most people would have cut the line and started over but not Curly and Mo they were going to untangle it. While we stood there and watched every fat assed gringo in Mexico catch marlin we did not even have a pole in the water. Needless to say the ride back to the dock was a long ride. I bet they both went home and got out their English to Spanish dictionary and looked up "clusterfuck" because we were saying it alot. Thus ended the first 5 days in Mexico. The next 5 five were great. Filled with lots of sun and surfing, drinks and great food. I think this trip is a perfect illustration of the idea that attitude is everything. This could have been a real disaster of a trip if we would have let it be. But the bottom line is shit happens everywhere to everyone. What are you going to do stay home and whine about it ??? Not me
The Hobbit


Monday, November 03, 2008

Back from Vacation

I just wanted to put some pics on here real quick. I will write about the trip later and post more pics.