Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The New Boat

Here are a few more pics of the new boat. There is also a picture of one of the coolest houses over in Post Falls. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kellen's Band

Check out Kellen's band's myspace page. Click on the link Drawing Two on the right hand side of the blog. You listen to 5 songs I think. Let me or them know what you think.


This past weekend was the Sundae Sunday, a 10 mile race here in Spokane. Jayne and I both did it. Tony tried to poke his own eye out with a stick on Saturday, so he could not run. I had a good run 1:13:54 which is over 6 minutes fasted than I've ever done this race. And man I was sore on Monday. There are some pretty good hills on this course and on the long downhill I was doing about 6:17/mile. I have to take advantage of my long legs.
Jayne ran with her friend Amy. And they had a good run as well 1:32. probably would have been a little fast if Amy had not trip and fallen down at about the 4 mile mark. Scraped her leg up pretty good.
The remander of this month is going to be dedicated to increasing my run milage. I am going to run the Colbert 1/2 marathon on Oct. 6th. That will probably be my last race for this year. Then it's base building time to get ready for next years Ironman.