Monday, March 17, 2008


This week was my first real build week. It was also the first outside bike ride of the year, sick of that trainer. Totals for the week 37.5 mi running, 67 mi biking. No swimming, my elbow is dorked up. You may remember I broke my elbow a few years ago wake boarding. And out of the blue it started hurting a couple of weeks ago. Then 1 day in the pool I was cruising along and it was sore, but bearable. Then my hand hit the wall,not hard, but it sent a shock through my arm and my elbow was done. Ever since then I can't even do a push up. So I go to the doc on the 25th.
The running is going well. I actually ran a 5 mile race yesterday, The St.Paddy's 5 miler. I had worked all night then ran from the hospital to where the race started, 4 miles. Then ran the race, then ran back to the hospital. This gave me 13 miles for the day with a Heller 5 mile tempo run in the middle. The race went well for me 34:10 6:50/mi. I was happy. The Hobbit wasn't happy. He went out a little to fast and was sucking ass by mile 4. He still beat me though,bastard. All in all it was a good race, great temp. They do not have results posted yet so not sure how I ranked, except I know BOOB beat me, but not by much.

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