Thursday, June 28, 2007

pre race pics

All of us the day after the race.

Jayne and I with Victor, the guy that won the race in 8 hr 33 min.

More IM Pics

Jayne and I found this truck parked on the street a couple of days before the race.

Jayne running through the woods near our house

Me on my last ride prior to ironman.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well we did it!!! here are my stats. Not exactly what I was hoping for but I'm still proud of the accomplishment. I will write up a full race report in the next day or two along with some pics from the race.

1:24:01 6:39:31 5:08:04 13:34:25 1225

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:24:01) 2:12/100m 1154

FIRST BIKE SEGMENT: 34 mi 34 mi. (1:52:25) 18.15 mph
SECOND BIKE SEGMENT: 90 mi 56 mi. (3:22:56) 16.56 mph
FINAL BIKE SEGMENT: 112 mi 22 mi. (1:24:10) 15.68 mph
TOTAL BIKE: 112 mi 112 mi. (6:39:31) 16.82 mph 1252

TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (5:08:04) 11:45/mile 1225

T1: SWIM-TO-BIKE 15:34
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 7:15

These are Jayne's Stats for the race. She had a great bike leg.

1:20:26 6:53:00 5:56:20 14:26:09 1529

TOTAL SWIM 2.4 mi. (1:20:26) 2:07/100m 922

FIRST BIKE SEGMENT: 34 mi 34 mi. (2:00:20) 16.95 mph
SECOND BIKE SEGMENT: 90 mi 56 mi. (3:29:06) 16.07 mph
FINAL BIKE SEGMENT: 112 mi 22 mi. (1:23:34) 15.80 mph
TOTAL BIKE: 112 mi 112 mi. (6:53:00) 16.27 mph 1288

TOTAL RUN 26.2 mi. (5:56:20) 13:36/mile 1529

T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 8:03

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ironman swim

Well yesterday prior to registraion we were able to swim the official swim course. Let me tell you 1.2 miles is a long way. And in white caps it's even tougher. The waves were relenetless. A swim that should have taken about 35 min. took 47. Hopefully race morning will bring calm water. The water temp was 63 degrees which is up a little from Sunday when we swam. And the air temp is going to be in the 80's for the next couple of days so the water may warm up a little more.

New Boat

Here is a picture of the new boat. We don't get until sept. but we are still excited. And we will get to go ski behind her the week after Ironman.


This is Jayne and I getting ready to pick up our race packets.....When they put Jayne's id bracelet on her wrist she almost cried. It has been quite the emotional journey.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well today I am a little sad, and excited at the same time. I sold my boat today. I love my boat. She was my 2nd boat but I had a real bond with her, way more than with my 1st boat. I bought her brand new in 1994. I have had some great times in that boat. I taught my kids to ski behind her and to barefoot on her boom. I broke my 1st bone, my elbow, doing a 360 behind her. I have romanced a lady or two in her. It's funny before Jayne and I met she saw my boat sitting at my dock and thought she was beutiful. Little did she know that a few years later she would spend her summers in that boat. Jayne and I actually spent our 1 st together in that boat. It was a drizzily day and we went skiing, Jayne didn't whine at all. How cool is that. But now it's time for a new chapter. And the people that are buying her are great folks a father and son that I know will take care of her. Maybe not as well as I did but they will love her too. And the son is a good wakeboarder and he will be able to go big on her wake, better than I ever did. I will never forget the day we had 4 of us long line barefoot behind her. wish I had a picture of that. But now I get to but a new boat. I think I may already have found it but we shall see if the deal comes together. With 11 days until Ironman and 4 days until Kellen graduates, this just seems a fitting close to this particular chapter of my life.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Well 2 weeks from today and we will find out if I'm an Ironman or not. I feel pretty good this week kind of sucked for biking, due to weather. Last sunday Jayne and I did a charity bike ride. Jayne did a 50 mile rIde and I did 100 miles. Jayne only did 50 because she had done 112 miles 2 days prior. Anyway it was about 95 degrees that sunday. On monday it had dropped to 60 and was raining. Tuesday was a little colder and raining again. Then it was back to work on thursday. I was able to get enough running in though as well as swimming. We actually got some open water swimming in as well. But the bike did suffer this week a little. So the plan for this week is to ride the bike more frequently but not as long on each ride maybe 75 miles total for the week. We will see if this works out. I'm also going to get in some more open water swimming this week. Jayne swam in cda lake yesterday and I guess it was very windy and the water was real rough. Our friend Jess was with her and I guess Jess freaked out a little when just as she tried to take a breath a wave hit her in the face. A little disconcerting I'm sure.
So the next 13 days are mostly about rest and recovery. Eating well staying superhydrated and as little stress as can be managed....Next weekend Kellen graduates from high!!! that could really freak me out if I let it.... But with Ironman a week later i'm kind of preocupied with my own little thing. I will try to make Kellen feel like the focus on his big day. I know it's a big deal. Eventhough right now I have tunnel vision.