Thursday, February 28, 2008


I know I have not been writing much about the training, mainly because I've been busy training. Last week was pretty big ending with a 15 mile run on Sunday with the Hobbit. I've been riding on the trainer about 3x a week with the long ride being about 1.5 hrs. It really sucks too. I don't know how these people put in 5-6 hrs on a trainer and go 20+ mph. The sun is suppose to come out pretty soon and melt this snow then we will be able to put in some good miles. As for swimming well I still suck but I suck less than I used too. This Sat. we are running the Snake River Half Marathon. This is a totally flat run right next to the Snake River. Last year was our 1st time running it and we had a great day. From what I've been told though when the wind blows down there it really rips. Forcast for Sat.....windy and rainy., Should be great! I'll post our results on Sat.

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