Sunday, June 27, 2010

100 mile ride

I got my bike back last week. It is not totally fixed yet, but is rideable. My new fork is being made by Serotta and should be in the next couple of weeks. Steve is letting me use a loaner fork. For my first week back on the bike in basically 4 weeks it has been great. Total miles for the week was 158 miles. With 101.5 mile on Saturday. We went over and rode the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes. The beauty of this ride 1st and for most the beauty. It's also flat as a pancake. You may wonder why I'm riding on a flat ride when Ironman Canada is anything but flat. Well the answer is twofold. 1st I suck on the flats it is my biggest weakness.The first ~27 miles of Canada if fairly flat as is the last 10 or so. The other good thing for me on this flat course is it was 5:35 of non stop pedalling. There is no coasting down any hills because there aren't any. So I spin at ~ 90-95 rpm non stop. I think the average was 18.7 mph, I would like to get that up to about 21. Maybe not this year but in the next year or so that is the goal.
Tony and Jayne were able to ride together for the whole ride. I was off the front a little so I was by myself but that's ok, Ironman is a solo sport. It is great having them to push me though. Jayne is riding great and this was Tony's 1st century in his whole life. The both did a kick ass job. Tony's wife Laura, who just quit smoking about 3 months ago, rode ~60 miles and did a fantastic job. She has come far so fast. I guess Tony, The Hobbit, was whinning non stop though because all he got to see for about 4 hours was Jayne's ass. And according to Jayne,if she hadn't felt sorry for him he would have stared at it for the whole ride. She took pity on an old Hobbit.