Monday, March 31, 2008

Long Run, More Snow

I can't believe we are almost to April and it is still snowing. We got about 4-5 inches today, almost all while I was running. It was beautiful, but a little annoying. The flakes were huge and kind of wet. Towards the end it was balling up in the heel of my shoes. So it was like running in high heels. No I haven't actually run in high heels but you know what I mean. Part of my run was on a trail through Riverside State Park and that really slowed me down. The new snow was covering the frozen mtb tracks that are left from the winters snow in the shaded areas. So it made for some treacherous running and a few close calls. It would really suck to sprain and ankle or tweak a knee at this point.
As for the run stats, 16.5 miles 2:26:40 with avg HR of 149 and a max of 166. Pace was off due to that trail section I was nearly walking a few points. All in all it was a good run. When I was done I had about 2 inches snow on the bill of my hat.
This gave me just over 40 miles for the week running only 30 miles on the bike,what a puss.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Snow

2-4 more inches are falling as we speak, or as I type. So it will be bike on the trainer again.....shit! The running is going ok though 24 miles so far this week with a 16 miler planned for Sun. Today my legs were a little tired the goal for the workout was 1 mile warm up then 5 miles at tempo pace ~ 7:30/mi. but after 3 miles at pace I was struggling a little. I think this is because Tony and I did speed work on Tues. with Bloomsday Road Runners at the SCC track. Then yesterday we ran most of the Bloomsday course, including the hill. So, long story, longer, I was tired.
Also on Tuesday I went to the doc about the elbow. I actually saw the PA. She shot an x-ray which shows a spur, but that's not the problem. She thinks,and the doc agreed, that I have a messed up elbow. So she shot some depo-medrol, steroid, into the irritated area and sent me to talk to the PT guys. The PT guy did some ultrasound, then some message,hurt like hell. Then some electrostimulation thing while it was wrapped in an ice pack. I'm continuing my NSAID and seeing the PT guy 2x week if it's not better in 2 weeks it may have to be scoped. But so far it is feeling better with the current regiment but I have yet to swim. We will see if I can't get to the pool.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

March in Spokane

So far I have missed 2 bike rides this week because of this weird spring weather. Yesterday it rained,snowed,haled, was sunny and windy. My plan was to ride after I did my intervals at the gym. The run was 8 miles total. 3x 1 mi @ 6:49 pace with 1/2 jog, warm up and cool down at <8:41 pace. It went well but was tough. Will have to put the bike back on the trainer, it going to rain again today. So I will ride and watch college hoops.

Monday, March 17, 2008


This week was my first real build week. It was also the first outside bike ride of the year, sick of that trainer. Totals for the week 37.5 mi running, 67 mi biking. No swimming, my elbow is dorked up. You may remember I broke my elbow a few years ago wake boarding. And out of the blue it started hurting a couple of weeks ago. Then 1 day in the pool I was cruising along and it was sore, but bearable. Then my hand hit the wall,not hard, but it sent a shock through my arm and my elbow was done. Ever since then I can't even do a push up. So I go to the doc on the 25th.
The running is going well. I actually ran a 5 mile race yesterday, The St.Paddy's 5 miler. I had worked all night then ran from the hospital to where the race started, 4 miles. Then ran the race, then ran back to the hospital. This gave me 13 miles for the day with a Heller 5 mile tempo run in the middle. The race went well for me 34:10 6:50/mi. I was happy. The Hobbit wasn't happy. He went out a little to fast and was sucking ass by mile 4. He still beat me though,bastard. All in all it was a good race, great temp. They do not have results posted yet so not sure how I ranked, except I know BOOB beat me, but not by much.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Today the Hobbit and I set out to run 17 miles. That's a long way! Beautiful day here in Spokaloo. This morning it was a crisp 39 with a layer of fog that would burn off about 6 miles into our run.Now my goal for the day was to keep my HR below my MAF at 145. The Hobbit, being a lying piece of poop said he too was going to run off his HR. I wasn't until we were about 4 miles into the run that he fessed up that he didn't even have his HR monitor on. Which would explain why when I looked down we were running 8:20/mi and my HR was 153. So I gave him the 1 finger wave and proceeded to run my run. There were quite a few people out walking their dogs and riding bikes and even a few other runners. It's always nice to see alot of people out using our great resources here. For those of you that have not been to Spokane. We have a paved bike/walking/running path, The Centennial Trail that is protected from traffic for most of it's length. It starts out by my house in Nine Mile and goes all the way to CDA,Id. about 65-70 miles. I digress, stats for the run are 17 miles 2:40:47 9:27/mile ave HR 145

Monday, March 03, 2008


But I mean that in a literal way. The freaking wind was crazy. Not sure how fast it was blowing but there were white caps on the river. The temp was great about 44 but because of the wind blowing off the water it felt about 24. So I started out wearing to many clothes. By about 4 miles I was stripping. There are a couple notables with this race for me. First off this year I ran 7 minutes faster than last year. That is a huge improvement. Now the Hobbit thinks that last year I ran like a puss. Which is possible but I don't think so, maybe a little, but not 7 minutes worth. Last year's condition were also perfect,cool, no wind, perfect. Which means this years result are that much more meaningful. I know what your thinking the wind was at your back going one way and in your face going the other. No! the first 6.5 miles the wind kind of swirled, sometimes at our backs sometimes in our faces but mostly hitting us sideways. But on the way back particularly miles 7.5-11 it was dead in our faces. At mile 10 with the exact same cadence and stride length my pace dropped from 7:10/mile to 8:15/mile and my quads were on fire definitely above LT. Needless to say I had to back off a little. I was saved at about 11 miles when a woman who was pretty tall passed me. I was able suck in behind her and draft for about a mile to recover. Then I passed her and left her, it's a race right. I think I beat her by 55 sec.
The Hobbit beat me again,Bastard!!!. I think he benefited from being 3ft 6". the wind went right over his nappy little head. At any rate he ran a 1:35:25 and I went 1:37:44.