Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, as the end of summer approaches and I reflect on the year so far I'm amazed at how fast it's gone. With all the prep for Ironman and then the recovery. It was the middle of July before summer actually started for me. With the old boat gone and new one not here yet lake time has been sparse. I skied more when we went to Moses Lake than I think I have the rest of the summer. The trip to Indiana was busy more than relaxing. It was good to see some of the family and as with family there were a few that I could have done without. It was great to see an old friend from way back in 8th grade. Nice to see that his life is going well and he has a nice family.
It was nice to stay with Mike and Patty. Only 1 real hangover to deal with but it was a good one. Barefooting on the river was fun. But it had been a couple of years since I last footed and my feet hurt for a few days. All in all glad we went, glad Jayne got to see where I came from.
As we head into fall the training is started to pick up again. We are going to watch IM Canada this weekend. We are taking the bikes and wetsuits and plan on trying out parts of the course. I really hope Gordo has a great race, he is a pro that has a blog that I follow, www.coachgordo.com. He and his training partners have become my inspiration. And I hope to get to meet a couple of them in Penticton.
Next month we go get the boat. Tony and Lo are going with us and we are going to make a Montana exploration trip out of it. Hopefully the whole place won't burn down before we get to see it.