Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well I really screwed up on my long run on Sunday. 10 miles into a 16 miler and I roll my ankle and end up tits up on the sidewalk. After I get up and finish cussing at myself. I see Tony crossing the street ahead of me, he didn't hear my rant. So I start walking back towards where we started. After about 1/4 mile or so I decide to test it with some easy jogging. It goes ok as long as I land on a completely flat foot. so I plod along @ 9:30 pace taking a shortcut through the ghetto for 3.5 miles. I still only beat Tony by about 10 min.
So when I got to work I had my foot x-rayed,which was negative. So just a good sprain. So I'm icing it and resting it. Not sure if I'm going to run Bloomsday or not. I won't decide until Sat. Going to swim today and try my bike on the trainer to see if it hurts to pedal. If I can I will ride outside but I'm betting on the trainer for now. Just have to keep my fingers crossed. I'm just glad it's not broke. That would have ended the IM plan. Worst case now is that I will miss a little running. But I have built a lot of running fitness over the past 6 months so hopefully I won't lose much.

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Spokane Al said...

When I saw the title of your post I thought you were describing me.

Glad to hear there was no structural damage and hope you get back to 100 percent soon.

Perhaps now you and Jayne can trade war stories.