Monday, May 05, 2008

Bloomsday 08

Well Sunday's Bloomsday race was interesting to say the least. On the worldclass side of things a new course record was set by Micah Kogo in a time of 33:51. Which for those of you that don't know is superhuman fast. But on the local and frankly more interesting front, I ran a 51:36. I know what your thinking.....33:51 vs 51:36... you suck!!! and you're right I do. However, I sucked less this year than last. So I consider it a victory. In all seriousness though I had a pretty good race
and it was a 1:31 improvement over last year. But I did not meet my goal. I had hoped and really thought I could break 50 min. Now I'm not going to make any excuses but I do wonder if last weeks ankle injury and subsequant rest days without any running hurt me. I did run short 2 mile run on Saturday just to make sure the ankle was ok. But even on that run my heart rate seemed to go through the roof. At any rate I executed my race plan nearly flawlessly I went out a little to fast in the 1st mile 6:12 vs 6:30. But by the 2nd mile I had settled in at 6:31. When I rounded the corner at the college I was right on track at @ 6:42. Here is where I screwed up. This section is pretty flat so I should have been able to speed up to 6:30 pace again. Operative word being should. I did not. I actuallly slowed a little.So that when I started the down hill towards the bridge I was actually a few seconds behind. I did make this time up on the down hill. Thank god for long legs. So as I started up doomsday I was in pretty good shape. I think I was right around 6:31 pace(average). By the top of the hill my average had dropped to 6:52 and my HR was 174. But the hill had taken a toll and I slowed a little. I was able to pick it up again but it was to little to late.
The Hobbit and I were talking about why it is you just can't seem to make yourself push sometimes. It's so mental at that point. I mean hell I had even planned for this. The only reason I wore my HR monitor was so that when I got to the 2 flatish spots in the course that I could look down and see that I had plenty of room to push. In the case at the top of the hill my HR was 174. My LT is 177 so I should have easily been able to push 4-5 beats harder. Probably would have made the difference. Definitly would have allowed me to beat Tony, he got me by 21 seconds. All in all it was a good race. The weather was perfect. I continue to learn and I continue to improve. So I guess I'll keep trying.


Spokane Al said...

You two guys absolutely rock. If only I could complain about not breaking the 50 minute mark.

I suspect that you will absolutely smoke the course during IM CDA.

Michael W. Bergquist said...

Good work on beating your time from last year. I like the details in the blog. Most find numbers boring. I find them entertaining, which is why some people find me boring. Anyhow, pushing yourself too hard is a blessing and a curse. Perhaps you'll find a nice balance. It's late and I just found your blog, so I'll read more later. Gotta sleep when I have the chance. Anyhow, thanks for visiting and responding to my blog. I'll put a link to your blog there.

kerrie said...

i have always wanted to do bloomsday - good job on your of these years i'll get there! how is the weather shaping up around CDA? still cold? i am worried about the'll suck no matter what, but much more if it freezing!