Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tough Finish

Sunday was a tough day for me. The plan was to work all night ride for ~2.5 hrs then run 9 mile brick. However, Jayne wanted to swim before our bike ride. So it was decided, notice I didn't say I decided, that I would run with the Hobbit then we would ride. So I met Tony at his office after I get off ~0815. It was a gorgeous morning. Sun shinning bright, actually warm in the sun. My run plan called for a 9 mile run since this is a run recovery week. Dumb dumb on the other hand wanted to go 12-14 miles. We compromised on 10-11 miles. So as we start out I fell like crap. My legs felt tired and heavy no springiness at all. Felt like I was running on a couple of salamis. But I figured I would loosen up an all would be ok. NOT!! the whole run was hard. My HR was ok, low 138-145. But my legs sucked. But it was a beautiful morning we saw AL, twice actually. We were running the same loop but Al was going the "wrong" way. In any event I logged 10.6 miles that felt like 26. Tomorrow will be a day off.

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Spokane Al said...

It was my recovery week as well and I shortened my long run to 11 miles. Great day and great weather!