Friday, April 11, 2008

Finally Some Sun

Wouldn't you know it, now that I am back to work the sun is going to come out. I had 7 days off and saw the sun maybe twice, for a few minutes. Then the day I go back here comes the sun. The forecast is sunny and in the upper 60's this weekend. So we are looking forward to some riding outside.
Jayne and I rode today. I drove out to her work dropped off her bike and some clothes then I went ahead and started without her. I was able to get about 45 min. in before she got there. I actually could have got about 1.5 hrs before she finely got there, but that's another story. The ride went well for my longest so far this year a whopping 39 miles. But hopefully the weather will hold and I can really start to hit it hard.
The swimming is going ok. Elbow seems fine,for swimming, it still is screwed up though. I think I will be able to hold off until after IM to get it scoped.
The 18 mile run on Sunday was F&*^%*G hard. The Hobbit is no longer allowed to pick the route on long runs. This is not just me being a pussy either. We did a combination of the Sundae Sunday and a backwards Bloomsday. My gps is retarded so I won't tell you the elevation info that it showed but we did some climbing.
Speed work on Tues. went well, except I was late and really did not warm up. Unless you count my jog to the bathroom to pee before we started. We started with a mile, then 3x 800, then 2x 400. I tried to be smarter this time at least on the mile and the 800's. I let it rip on the back half of the 400's.
This is an easy run week. More of a bike and swim focus. I think this will be the first week that I ride more than I run. That's sad!

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