Sunday, April 06, 2008

Back to the Pool

So on Friday after my PT appointment I went to the pool for the first time in a month.
The elbow felt fine but my swim fitness was crap. After about 800 my form started to waiver and by 1200 I'm sure it looked like I was having a seizure. But I know that will come back pretty fast. Now I just have to figure out how to fit the swimming back into my schedule. Jayne won't admit it but I think she was a little happy with my swimming performance. Not that she wants me to do bad or anything. Those of you that know her know she has never had a mean thought. But she likes being better than me at swimming. Before my elbow issue I was more than giving her a run for her money. But on Friday I could not keep up with her. And I think I saw a little smile on her face. Good for her.
We woke up Sat. to snow again!!! So it was bike on the rollers. I'm determined to figure those things out. I as able to ride with 1 hand and pull my water bottle out of the cage, take a drink and return the bottle without crashing or grabbing the wall. I was quite impressed with myself.
Today, as I'm typing this at the crack ass of dawn on Sun. is pretty much going to be hard. 18 mile matter how you slice it or the route you run,that's a long way. The route the "Hobbit" and I are going to run will totally suck. Lots of hills, but at least it's not snowing.....yet anyway. I will post more after the run as well as some pics of the puppies, Tony an LO are bringing Hudson over to play with Otis. As of Friday Hudson got off of his grounding by the vet. So we are looking forward to a fun play day.


Spokane Al said...

Glad to hear that you are back in the pool. And if you can keep up with Jayne you must rock when you are well. She flies through the water.

BRFOOT said...

yes she does. I saw you running today, looked very smooth. See you at speedwoork on tuesday.