Sunday, July 05, 2009

A good week

As the 1st week of July comes to an end it's hard to believe we have already put half of this year in the books. Time seems to flow faster and faster the older I get.
Last weekend as most of you know I played in Hoopfest. For those who don't know this is the largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the world. This year I think there were 6700 teams breaking the previous record. I played on a team with some guys from my triathlon club. So needless to say we are all in good shape. However swimming,biking and running does not really prepare you for all of the start and stop in a hlf court basketball game. We did manage to win our first 2 games though. Basically our stradgedy was to run them to death. This worked well until game 3 win we came up against a team that could move the ball better than we could run. We got stomped pretty good. Our next game pitted us agianst the team we beat in our first game, and they wanted revenge. Thnaks to some good outside shooting and several made free throws they were able to hold us off. Oh well, it was fun.
The good thing that came out of the basketball was that I was running around like a crazy person and had no foot pain. So after I recovered from the b-ball I went for my first run in about a month. It was not good but my foot felt fine. So I'm going to start real slow and start base building. I'm really starting to ride quite a bit. Pat and I climbed Mt. Spokane this week and Jayne and I got in a ride as well. It's nice to not always ride alone. With the Tour starting this week it's easy to be motivated to get on the bike.Also got out on the lake skied a little this week. We still don't have our course in the water yet but that's ok, I'm not in shape for that yet anyway, but soon. I'm taking my boat over to the Hobbit's next weekend for his daughter's Re-wedding. Don't ask me it's some girl thing. I always thought the renewing vows thing was something you did if you both lived to be 80 or something. These kids have been married about 3 well, free food.


KP said...

Hoop it up, brother!

Glad the foot is feeling better.


jessithompson said...

Loved watching you guys at Hoopfest!