Monday, July 13, 2009

Fair Swim, Good Ride

Yesterday I participated in the Steve Omi Memorial Swim. This is a well attended as well as well intended event. The race raises money for scholarships for graduating seniors planning to swim at the collegiate level. The race is a 1 mile open water swim on lake CDA. This was my 1st open water swim of the year also my 1st wetsuit swim of the year. I have had 1 other swim this that was 1 mile but it was in a pool with several stops at the wall. So needless to say I took it easy. But who are we kidding I always take it easy when swimming. I finished in 31:47 in 112 place out of 226. To put in perspective for those of you that may not follow swimming. The kid that won is 13 and finished in 19:42. The little shit could have almost lapped me.
After the swim Ron and Virginia(Tri-Fusion team members) and I rode the CDA olympic course. Ron and I stuck with Virginia to the base of the big climb but at this point it was everyman for themselves. This is a tough course with a lot of climbing. My gps said I climbed 1656 ft, Training Peaks says it was 1903 ft. and has it at ~950 ft. All I know is that it was tough climbing with a fast decent. All in all it was a good training day.


Steve said...

It was good seeing you out there. It is amazing how fast those kids swim. I seriously do not know how they do it.

Nice work on the bike course too. That ride is TOUGH.

jessithompson said...

Fun seeing you guys out at the swim!!!