Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a NON Triathlon related post

This is nothing more than a shameless plug for my son's band Drawing Two. One of our local radio stations has built a webpage for local musicians to upload their music to. This is a cool way for bands to get heard. It's also an opportunity to download some good NEW music. It cost the same as iTunes 99 cents per song. The band with the most downloads gets to open for a concert the radio station is promoting. So go HERE and check them out, if you like it buy it.


jessithompson said...

I love that you put this on your blog!!! I'm listening to them now while typing this and they sound good! Does your son sing, play an instrument (which one?), or both?

You're a good dad.

See you this weekend, Hoopster.

ckotte said...

Good tunes! I like it. You should be proud! My three boys all are starting to play a real singing yet...