Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bike time

The last 10 days or so have being very good as far as bike riding goes. Not only has the Tour de France been very fun to watch. This year there is cool thing you can do with MAPMYRIDE.COM. You can upload the gps info from your rides and they have some sort of Voodoo they do to prorate and compare your ride to that days stage. Everyday that you submit a ride you have the chance to win prizes. Some based on performance and other based on a random drawing. So far I have not won a damn thing but I have been riding quite a bit. I have submitted 8 rides out of 17 so far. I know that sounds shitty now that I type it. But it is what it is.There is also a GC as in the Tour and right now I'm 484 out of 15323. Anyway I have riden about 250 miles since the 10th. This past weekend was really good. 45 mile flat out and back in which I was able to negative split by about 20 min. Then the next day 58 mile ride with Jayne which had about 4 k of climbing in it. Today begins my week off and I will build on what I've done. We are riding in the Loreen Miller 100 miler on Sunday, it supposed to be 101 degrees, so that will be a big day. Today I'm going to do a ~20 mile TT as is the TDF, they are doing 40 k actually.

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