Monday, November 19, 2007

The Streak Continues

Well, now that I have successfully completed the 30 in 30 I'm well on my way to the 40 in 40. As it stands right now it's 36 in a row. What is surprising to me is how well I feel. What is frustrating to me is that my HR has yet to respond. But as I've been told over and over, I need to be patient. I have been logging alot of miles, for me anyway. This past week was no exception with just over 37 miles. Tony "The Hobbit" Dibartolo and I have been talking about increasing the volume. After talking to some of friends that are better runners than we are. As well as my continued reading of Chuckie V, Lucho and Gordo. We are convinced we need to get closer to 70 miles. However we also think we need to build up slow, 10-15% per week. This of coarse was totally screwed up a few weeks back when I jumped from 30 miles to 51 miles then back down to 35 miles. So I will just add them as they feel. I'm going to increase the daily runs to > 1 hour and the long runs to > 1.5 hours.

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