Sunday, November 04, 2007


Wow this was my biggest week ever in terms of miles ran and number of runs. Total miles for the week 51.6. Total number of runs for the week 10. So I was able to make up 3 of the runs that I missed earlier. I also did a MAF test yesterday. For those of you not familier with this test it is a way to gage your fitness. After a warm up you run 3-5 miles at a constant heart rate (HR) as your HR increases you slow your pace to maintain the HR. You do these tests every 3 weeks or so and watch the trends of each mile. The HR that is used is based on a formula 180-age. There are also some adjustments that can be made. So for me 180-44=136 then based on my current fitness I added 5 beats. This gives me a max HR of 141. However I have also had some physiologic testing done that measured my lactate thershold (LT) at a HR of 177. Based on this number, using Joe Friels/Training peaks this calculates the top end of my zone 1 at 151. So what I did was split the difference and set my Garmin to a range of 135-145. And this is what I got when I did the test.

mile 1 @ 141 8:51/mi
mile 2 @ 144 9:08/mi
mile 3 @ 143 9:16/mi

So we will repeat the test every 3 weeks for a total of 12 weeks. All of my runs will be at this slower lower HR as well. As for the 30 in 30 challenge here are the runs to finish out his week.
16 /5.33/ 47:16/157/8:52 this was the 1st make up run, 2nd run of the day
17 /5.3 / 49:39/144/9:22
18 /5.29/ 45:00/146/8:30
19 /5 / 45:00/143/9:00 MAF test with wu/cd
20 /5.04/ 49:06/138/9:44 2nd run of the day and 2nd make up run
21 /5.24/ 52:43/138/10:03
22 /4.94/ 51:11/141/10:21 2nd run of the day and 3rd make up run also went for short mtn bike ride in between the 2 runs.
So this puts me at 22 runs in 23 days. A little sore but not to bad. Lucho gave me some needed encouragement with regards to the discipline and patence required for this low HR training. And for some great reading check out Chuck V

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