Monday, November 26, 2007


Tony "the Hobbit" and I had another big week. I had 51.3 miles and Tony had 56. This was a pretty big jump for us from last week. But we both feel pretty good. My left ankle is a little tender. My new shoes are not quite right for me. I bought a pair of Saucony Trigon 4 shoes this week. They felt great out of the box but not so great after 30 miles. I hate trying find new shoes. I wish the Newtons had a little more support. They are good for the 1st 13 miles. I just don't think I could run a marathon in them. They do make me faster though.

Dr.J had a real nice post on his blog about he and his brother's. It got me thinking about Ronnie and I and the fact that we have spent all of our adult lives living so far apart. Despite our differences when we are together we have alot fun working out together. We always play some basketball, he is tough on the boards. When he was up here a couple of years ago I took him mountain biking over in Idaho and we had a blast. He sucking wind on the 7 mile ride up this logging road but ripped it up on the singletrack through the woods. He even had a pretty crash. My friends that went with us were amazed that it was his first time on a mountain bike. But Ronnie and I both rode a million miles on our bmx bikes when we were kids.We also have had alot of fun running together. I'm lookng forward to running with him in January. I'm going down to San Diego to spend a little time with him before he heads back to Iraq. This will be his 3rd tour over there, this war. He was also there in the first war. We should all sleep better knowing that he is one of Marines helping protect our country, I know I do. As for my other war hero/daughter, Shandra will be getting out of Navy soon and be coming back to Washington as a civilian. She has been in Iraq/on the carrier for the past 6 months. I'm really proud of her!
I guess this is what Thanksgiving is about, for me anyway. A brother and daughter


ace said...

I have been thinking about 30 in 30's a lot lately. Doing a 30 day round in each sport. I may have to save running for last as I have strength work to finish then moving to flexibility focus. but I think I can get it all in before I start my build up for racing season. Anyway, I enjoyed your blog. Some really nice insights as well as a little nudge on the 30 day focused training plan.

BRFOOT said...

The run wasn't that bad. Not so sure about the swimming though. 30 days of going to the gym....yuck!!
But I will defintely do the bike.

Lucho said...

30 swims in 30 days is stupid.. ;)ha. With a huge drill focus over the winter of 2001 I lowered my Ironman swim times to 54:00.. it was boring and I hated it but it worked. 90% of all of my swims were drills. I averaged 9k per week that year.
You may try doing some single leg standing drills to strengthen your ankles. Simply balance on one leg for 1'. Close your eyes once in a while to make it harder. It sounds goofy but try it and see!
Something that worked very well for me over the years too was to get away from stability shoes and start improving my durability in regards to racing flats. I'm in a place now that allows me to wear any shoe for any number of miles. 5k racing flats for a marathon, no problem.. but I spent years simply doing shorter runs in light shoes and building to longer and longer runs. I also incorporated jump rope which strengthens the lower leg muscles better than anything! Word.