Monday, November 12, 2007


Today wraps up the the 30 in 30 challenge. I had to run a double today. Which meant I had to run this morning after I got off work, then slept about 7 hrs and got up and ran again. It also meant that I missed my son's band, Drawing Two, second live performance. But they have another show on the 28th that I will go to.
As for the last few runs they were all run on the treadmill. We have a new treadmill that has been in the garage since early Oct. We had no place to put it in the house until Kellen got his drum kit out of the way. But now it's set up and has already made life easier. It's a pain in the butt to go to the gym before work and about half the time when I try to use the treadmill we have at the hospital some fat chick is walking on the damn thing.
Anyway the last 2 runs went like this.
29 /4.65 /45:00/141/9:40
30 /4.32 /45:00/140/10:25
This treadmill has a program that allows me to put in a target HR and it will make adjustments to keep it there +/- 3 BMP. All but 2 of ther other runs throughout the month were outside using my Garmin 305. So I'm sure that there is some variability between those 2 HRM's and also pace calculations via gps and treadmill.
If you read the comment Lucho put on my last post you'll see that he is suggesting that I continue as I am. When I whinned about not taking a little break to recover. he said "Taking your fatigue and muscle breakdown to the edge of "too much" and then resting is the true art of training. In order to stimulate growth we need to force our bodies to adapt and that's never a comfortable thing". And if you have taken a trip over to his blog and seen the kind of numbers he puts up then you know that I'm going to keep plugging away. Of course I'm listening to my body because unlike Lucho, I'm old. And I haven't been doing this endurance stuff most of my life. Tony is being a bit of a sissy about the whole thing though. Whinning and crying about how he has been looking forward to a break. I told him to take his skirt off and put his running shoes on.


ace said...

hmm old... interesting. my dad would say you aren't even middle aged based on your profile. of course my dad is 88 and has yet to have his mid life crisis... but then again in his family 100+ isn't uncommon...

BRFOOT said...

Yea the whole "old" thing is totally realtive. In my mind I'm still 17, but according to my drivers license I'm 44. And 44 is old to a 17 year old.
It's great your dad has refused to give into time.