Thursday, August 31, 2006


Well yesterday I went to the doc for my 6 week check up post op. All is good. The x-ray looks good and can start lifting weights and really working on range of motion. So I should be able to get into the pool pretty soon. He said I could start riding outside but thought that it would be better if I rode my mtn bike on the road instead of my road bike. the upright postion will be more comfortable. I still can’t ski or wakeboard though and if I do ride I can’t crash, again. I was able to do 3 push ups, wow!!

I ran long on Sunday a 10 miler with Jayne and Tony. I ran most of it with Jayne at her pace which unfortunatly now seems to be my pace as well. I ran 8 mi. with her at a hr less than 150, which was damn slow. At 8 miles Tony and I took off trying to catch these 2 girls that had passed us at mile 6. We caught them within 3/4 mile but it was hard. We passed them on this tough hill that had my legs burning and my hr at 186. Needless to say I was hurting, but able to finish strong.

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