Friday, September 15, 2006

Sundae Sunday

This past weekend was the Sundae Sunday 10 mile race. It was hard for me this year. Last year, my 1st, was hard as well but I ran so much better. My time last year was 1:17:something this year 1:27:something. 10 min. slower, 1 min/mi. Most people have said it's no big deal you are just coming of an injury. And I understand that coming back from an injury, especially one that took me out for 7 weeks, is going to take some time. Patients is not my strong suit. Just the opposite, I'm very impatient. Maybe that's the real challenge for me here. Maybe that's what I'm going to be forced to learn here. Patients, wouldn't hurt. To bad I did not learn this when I was 22 not 42. I just hope I learn it now. I digress, the race was great, perfect weather. I think over 400 runners/walkers. Tony set a PR by a whopping 10 sec. I think he is ready for Portland. We are all ready for CABO, 1 month.
Physical therapy is going ok....once again patients is key. My strength is shit my right arm is 50% as strong as my left. My flexibility is less than that. The human body was not meant to spend 6 weeks in a sling. But it is getting better. I have PT this morning and then it's a 5 mile run.

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