Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Out of Shape

Well today was the beginning of my post crash training. Wow it’s amazing what 5 weeks of sitting on your ass can do to your aerobic capacity. I started by putting my bike on the trainer in the basement. The plan was to ride for 15-20 min and see how the shoulder felt. It hurt….but was tolerable, and I was able to go for 20 mins. But I was breathing hard and sweating like a pig. But it felt good to be doing something. Then about 4 hours later I decided I would see if my shoulder could take a little jog. So I got my running shoes on put on the hr monitor and Gus(my lab) went for a little jog. Prior to the crash I would have to leave gus at home because my runs were usually to long and to fast for his 10 yo body to take. Today though I knew that he would be fine running with my old busted ass. My should did ok, not great but ok. My hr though was rediculous. I had a hard time keeping below 160 and I was running so damn slow the dog was waiting for me. Oh well still good to back to the land of the living. The good thing is there is really only room for improvement. So at least for a while I will feel like I’m making great progress with every workout. That is always a good feeling.

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