Monday, September 05, 2005


Well another first for me. Yesterdays long run was way morethan I bargained for. The plan was to run 16. However, because of the route we choose I ended up running 18. Now I did not set any speed records here bacically I just survived. Up to about 10 miles we were holding about a 9 min/mile pace which was ok because this was going to be a very long run for both of us. Tony was going for 20 and 16 for me. We were very lucky to have the help of my girlfriend Jayne, who was riding her roadbike and was are mobile aid station. We each started with about 30 ozs. of gatoraid and 2 gu's each. At about 10 miles Jayne brought us full bottles and another gu. Then again at about 14-15 miles another bottle. I think Tony took another gu as well but I did not. By this time I was running pretty slow and was pretty much in survival mode. It took all of my focus to keep running,if my started to wander my technique would start to falter and then my knees would start to hurt or my hips. But if I stayed focused and concentrated on each and every step then it was bearable. I hope that this will get better as I do more of these longer runs. Can't wait for the new shoes to get here because my feet were killing me. And I grew a blister on the arch of my right foot that started at about 10 miles that ended up being about the size of a quarter. All in all I think it was a fair effort 4 miles farther than my previous longest run, but considerably slower. oh well!

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