Saturday, June 06, 2009

Plantar Fasciitis

As you can tell I have not had much to say lately. Well I have had things to say but have been to busy doing everything but training to to take the time to write anything.Jayne sparked a fire under my ass this past week and we have been working in the yard, alot. This is the problem with over an acre of yard, not to mention the other 4 acres. It has all kind of taken the back burner for a while but we are getting it dialed in. At any rate the training has morphed into swim and bike only. My left foot is still pretty painful to the touch. I'm 98% sure that it's plantar fasciitis but need an x-ray to rule out a bone spur and maybe an MRI to rule out the other possible but very unlikely causes of my pain. So I need to talk a few people and see what I can get done. So for now I'm swimming 2-3 days a week and biking the same. The 1st real race I care about isn't until Aug. so I have some time to turn it around and the biking and swimming should keep me fit.


Spokane Al said...

I hear you brother. Foot issues suck. I just visited a podiatrist yesterday and found out I have a bone spur.

Here is a great source of info on foot issues by a very talented, very fast bike racer, who is also a fine podiatrist.

jessithompson said...

SEE A SPECIALIST!!! Don't mess around with general docs, especially ones who don't understand athletics or the mentality of an athlete. You might consider going to see Dr. PZ Pearce (Champions Sports Medicine) as another option. It's pretty cool that we have a world-renowned Sports Medicine GENIUS right here in Spokane.

Hope you find some relief soon! Hang in there, buddy!