Sunday, June 01, 2008

Another First

Well today June 1st I had another first in my life. I joined the ranks of thousands that have gone before me. And, as with most things, it never quite turns out the way you thought it would. I'm not sure if it is unrealistic expectations or misinformation or just plain naivety that leads to that surreal feeling after a first time experience. Your head swims. Replaying the event over and over trying to figure out exactly where it was that what ended up being fate became inevitable. At what point was it destined to happen and/or could you have affected the outcome in some other way. So what "Cherry" did I have popped today.....I got hit buy a car. Yep, t-boned complete with a ride on the hood of he car. And just like on TV when the car came to a stop I went flying off the front. But being the stud athlete that I am...yea right. I was able to hit the ground running... sort of. I don't think I went down to the ground. My confusion has nothing to do with a head injury or loss of consciousness or anything I'm pretty sure it was anger. I saw the whole thing develop I knew it was going to happen. I was watching the girl that hit me as she watch the bikers I was following pass in front of her. And as is the case far to often she did not look back to the left before pulling out. The weather was crap and it was raining. I was on the brakes hard and was skidding slightly sideways. My years of motorcycle riding paying off so that I did not lay the bike down. Which would have allowed her to run OVER me, rather than into me. I was yelling at her NO!!!!! to late...BOOM! Time slowed way down as I was riding on the hood I swear I saw her mouth the words "I'm sorry" right before I launched off the front. She was terrified, poor girl was about 17. She was crying and apologizing. At first I was so pissed I told her not talk to me. The people that I was riding behind had heard the crash and had turned around to see if they could help. Thanks, to the 2 members of Badlands Cycle Team for helping me out. One of them tried to calm the girl down while the other tended to my bike, after I assured them that I was ok. The girl said she would pay for any damage to my bike to which I exclaimed "you don't understand I have Ironman in 3 weeks and you may have just screwed up a year of training". But as I began to understand that I truly was ok and that my bike was ok I calmed down. I then tried to interject a little humor by stating that the worst part is that I blew a hole in the toe of my favorite sock. Which is true I love those socks. I apologized to the girl for losing it and said "you had every right to lose it". We exchanged information and I told her it was ok, I was fine. My only real injury is a very sore left quad, she hit me on the right side. I think my quad hit the top tube of my bike. I climbed back on my bike and headed down the road. This happened at about 20 miles into a 100 mile charity ride the Loreen Miller Ride . I rode about 4 miles further at which point I decided that the pain in my leg was getting worse not better. So I thought it would be better if I called it a day and got some ice on my thigh. So at the next intersection I waited for Jayne and Jeff and Sean, who I started the ride with. Jayne decided to bail with me so she could drive me home, she IS the best girlfriend...ever.
Hopefully this will heel fast and I can ride by Tuesday at the latest I need a 100 miler.


Spokane Al said...

Geez! I am glad to hear that you are okay and hope that you will feel the same or better tomorrow.

Be careful out there!

kerrie said...

i hope you are okay and recover quick! don't push it - we're three weeks out and all the work has been done already!!! just rest and recovery time now :).

good thing you knew how to land well!

jessithompson said...

Okay... you and I unfortunately had similar experiences this weekend. I'm so bummed to hear that this happened to you and yet relieved that you are relatively okay. I'm sure, like I have, you look back with eyes that see the big picture of what 'could' have happened in a fall like that with broken bones being one of the best scenarios. But in the moment, it sure doesn't take away the disbelief about what just happened and the horror of a lost season.

Time to relax and let your body heal - you've got lots of time - it's the downslide anyways. Take care of yourself!

Maybe we can compare quad bruises ;) I have some good ones on my arm too, how bout you?

Hang in there, buddy!

Michael W. Bergquist said...

Well, that sounds like a pretty scarry experience. I'm glad that you were able to ride away from it. This is one of those times when even the most serious of athletes would prefer the bike be destroyed instead of the rider. On another note, I look forward to you wearing that Navy ... I mean Marine jersey out there in Cd'A.