Thursday, June 05, 2008


This morning,as most mornings, I read Chuckie V's blog. He had a link to Kevin Purcell's page and a discussion about potential. They raised some very good points and below is my 2 cents.

As a 44 yo man preparing for his 2nd IM, I have been giving this a lot of thought. And not to be to argumentative but I think the question should be "what is my eventual" rather than potential. According to wikipedia,sum of all universal knowledge, Potential,n.1.Currently unfulfilled capacity to improve, develop, and achieve impressive feats. adj.2 Existing in possibility, not in actuality. Therefore a potential can never be reached. However if one asks himself/herself "how good will I eventually be if I".....fill in the blank.
1.continue this protocol
2.get a coach
3.spend more time on the bike
Chances are you still won't get the answer you probably want. We all want some finite answer and there isn't one. But you would be asking a better question of yourself. As for "knowing" if your close to your potential or not, I'm not sure. I do think we all have a sense of whether we are ready or not. Even then as Chuckie pointed out"HR does not not measure heart". Until the deed is done and we reflect upon it can we then say we did EVERYTHING we could, and got the most out of ourselves at that particular time. But I could potentially do better next time if I change xyz.
At this point in my life I just want to get the most bang for the buck so to speak. If Gordo is right and it take 10yrs/10000 hrs to get good. Then I won't be good until I'm 50-52. Hell, if I can still do this when I'm 50-52 that WILL be good.


Spokane Al said...

52 is in an age group I passed a few years back!

Many years ago there was a band by the name of the Plasmatics. Wendy O. Williams was the lead singer. The band was playing on a late night television show and Wendy was singing in front of a junker car. As she sang she picked up a spray can of paint and proceeded to write "Fornicate the Status Quo" across the side of the car.

I always thought that was a bit profound and worthy of remembering.

I think on of the secrets to living a good life is that we never, ever settle, and whether we call it potential or eventual, we keep on rocking and pushing and driving forward.

And that is two cents from an old fart.

kerrie said...

very true! there are certain things that go into this whole IM training that you just can't measure.
how is our water looking? it looks like it has been kind of chilly :(.

are you recovered from your crash?