Tuesday, May 20, 2008

IM CDA "uniform"

I've decided what I'm going to wear for this years IM CDA. Now those of you that know me know I generally put about 3 seconds thought into what I'm going to wear anywhere. But IM is different for one thing I'm going to wear it a long time. And for another I want to wear something that is meaningful in someway. Last year I wore a University of Washington jersey. And that was great I got a lot of cheers from the local Husky fans and some jeers from the local Cougar fans. And it's purple so it stands out and people can find you easier. This year however instead of making it all about me I've decided to do something for my brother. As you may know my brother is over in Iraq right now with the Marines. Now what you probably don't know is that I was in the Navy 20 yrs ago. And anyone that has been around either of these two branches of the service know of the love/hate relationship between the two. Very similar to Ronnie and I's relationship. At any rate to show my support for our troops and in particular my brother this is what I will be wearing come race day.


scott said...

Cheers for the comments on my blog...
have now uploaded some new pickies from a hike i did with the kids at easter in an area on the german/chzech border...good luck on your training for IMC

jessithompson said...


I just found your blog. Fun! Nice to see you and Jayne at the meeting this week. Great blog...I did a little catching up, nice to get to know a little history about you. Can't wait to cheer for you at Ironman.

:) Jessi Thompson