Monday, September 18, 2006

Good Week

Well this has been a good week, considering it's a work week. With my weird schedule that how I break things down now days, work week or not a work week. On my off week the possibilities are limitless 7 days to do whatever I want and everything I need to do. On my work week anything I do other than work is a major victory. If you have never worked nights you should try it, if you have then you should try 7, 10 hr shifts in a row. Not that I'm whining, I do this by choice. But none the less It leaves little time for training, errands or whatever. So on those rare weeks when I seem to get a lot accomplished I'm pretty happy. This week I was able to run ~ 20 miles, more about that in a minute. I also got to go to Kellen's football game. Kellen is my 17yo son who is a senior. This was also the 1st game in which he had the opportunity to kick his 1st field goal a 27 yd.kick which he easily made.
I also am starting to feel like I'm making progress at physical therapy. My flexibility is increasing and so is my strength. But it is a slow/painful process.
Now back to my running I ran 4 days this week. With a back to back workout yesterday. I actually ran 4 miles on sat. night before work. I did interval on the treadmill. Then when I got off sun morning I ran ~ 8 miles at a little over 9 min/mi pace. The beauty was that my hr stayed pretty close to what was 2 weeks ago. However 1 ran over a min/mi faster this week. So all in all it was a good week. Jayne ordered the part for my aerobar for me,so hopefully that will come in soon and I can hit the bike.

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