Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well this week I had to deviate from my training plan again. My long run that was slated for Sunday was to be a 22 miler. However I decided to run a 10 k race on Satuday and had planned on doing a duathlon on Sunday. The duatlon was a short one 2,10,2 run,bike,run. So I thought I would do it in the morning then go for a 10 mile run later in the day. But Sunday morning it was raining pretty hard with no signs of letting up so I decided not to do the race. I'm not going to intentionally take my new bike out in the rain for a little training race. So then I was stuck needing to do a longer run to make up the difference. So I decided to run 16 miles. Now you have to remember that I ran a 10 k race the day before. This 10 k was a PR too 45:10. Fast for me. And after the race rather than go home and drink my recovery drink, I went to a friends and had coffee. So needless to say I was not 100% for the 16 miler. And I felt it too. At the beginning I was stuggling, but kept going thinking that I would loosen up. And I did, for about 8-10 miles. But 11-13 were hard, and 14-16 were torture. So I learned that long runs should not follow races, and that after races you need your recovery drink. Not smart I know,now. But hopefully this week my life will fit my training a little better

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