Thursday, August 04, 2005


Today was a sprint day. Jayne and I ran from the house through the woods to our little interval section of trail. Running sprints on a trail is harder than running on a track, I don't think it's quite as effective. Because I can't run as fast over the uneven ground. But we wanted to take Gus (lab) with us because the boy just looks so sad if we go running and he doesn't get to go. Anyway it's about 3/4 mile to the trail which serves as a good warm up. Then we started doing our sprints 1/4 mi. sprint followed by 1/4 mile jog. My 1st 3 were all at 1:23 and the last 3 were at 1:19 so I was pushing harder. Probably should have done a few more but it was starting to get dark and Jayne and Gus had had enough. Next week though I'm going to do them on the track.

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