Monday, August 08, 2005


Today I tried something new that I got from . This long run workout incorperates walking with the running. I ran 8 minutes then walked 1 min. You can read the article to get all the specifics. Today I ran 10 miles, normally I run Long runs slower than normal at around 9 min/mil. A 10 mile run would normally leave me feeling pretty spent as my longest runs have been 13 miles. But today at the 7 mile point I felt great and at 8 miles I felt so good I did not take the prescribe walk break. I finished in 1:33:58 which is 9:23/mile and I walked ~ 9 min. and at the end I felt good to go another 5 miles. I also tried to incorperate something I read on Trifuel about critical speed. The article was gear toward cycling but I figured it would help with running as well. When I would come to a hill, and this route has alot of long hills, I would increase my cadence and not try to power up the hill. By taking the choppier steps my heart rate did not come up as fast and when I crested the hill I was able to maintain the higher cadence and increase my speed without feeling like I was going to blow up. All in all it was a great run.

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