Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Well here are the numbers so far. I did miss monday do to this crappy work schedule of mine. But I will make it up.

run#/dist/time/avg hr

3/30/5/49:37/????forgot my gaget
so far so good, legs feel fine. I actually swam today It does not take long to loose that. My shoulders got tired pretty fast.
With regaurds to the hr's being so high for such a slow pace....This is what happens when you don't run for 5 days, then run a 1/2 marathon, then don't run again for another week. We ran the Colbert Classic Half on 10/6. I ran a pr 1:41 with avg HR 176 and max of 186 it was a very hard course, big hills. And my legs were sore for about 4 days. But hopefully by the end of the week the HR's will begin to come down again.

We leave for Mexico on Friday. Can't wait to dive Cozumel. I will post some dive pics when I can.

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Dr. J said...

Hey Brian~

Keep it up. I threw in a MAP test this week toe benchmark where my fitness is this year...much better than last!

Best of luck with the remaining week.