Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well today I am a little sad, and excited at the same time. I sold my boat today. I love my boat. She was my 2nd boat but I had a real bond with her, way more than with my 1st boat. I bought her brand new in 1994. I have had some great times in that boat. I taught my kids to ski behind her and to barefoot on her boom. I broke my 1st bone, my elbow, doing a 360 behind her. I have romanced a lady or two in her. It's funny before Jayne and I met she saw my boat sitting at my dock and thought she was beutiful. Little did she know that a few years later she would spend her summers in that boat. Jayne and I actually spent our 1 st together in that boat. It was a drizzily day and we went skiing, Jayne didn't whine at all. How cool is that. But now it's time for a new chapter. And the people that are buying her are great folks a father and son that I know will take care of her. Maybe not as well as I did but they will love her too. And the son is a good wakeboarder and he will be able to go big on her wake, better than I ever did. I will never forget the day we had 4 of us long line barefoot behind her. wish I had a picture of that. But now I get to but a new boat. I think I may already have found it but we shall see if the deal comes together. With 11 days until Ironman and 4 days until Kellen graduates, this just seems a fitting close to this particular chapter of my life.

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