Monday, May 28, 2007


Well this was a very tough week. I say tough beacuse the volume was huge for me but I actually feel really good. Totals for the week swim 3.3 miles, bike 202 miles, run 30 miles. Thursday was a huge breakthrough day for me a did a 7 1/2 hr brick. For those of you that don't know what a brick is, it's a workout with multiple parts. ie: swim then bike or bike then run. So what I did was a 100 mile bike ride, which by the way is a long way, then ran for an hour. The ride was pretty tough too I had 7200 feet of elevation. The Ironman course only has ~6300 ft. So it was a little tougher than the race course. I still don't have my nutrition dialed in though,but it's getting better. I need about 500 kcals/hr on the bike and at least that much if not more on the run. This ride I had about 900 kcals total for the whole brick. But I really am getting better. Last week When Jayne and I did our mock half IM I only had about 900 for the whole day. The brick was longer from a time standpoint but the mock half had twice the running, and a 1.2 mile swim.
We have 1 more hard week then we begin our taper. I'm taking the taper very seriously, I think my old ass will benefit greatly. The nerves have started as well. when I start thinking about race day the old stomach starts getting all queasy. But all in all I think I'm ready.....ready or not here it comes. My time goals have wained a little 12 hrs would require everthing to go perfectly for me 13 is a safer bet but I'm not ruling out 14. Hell I just want to finish it on my feet.

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