Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Recently Tony ran the Portland Marathon. This was his 3rd marathon all of which were in 1 year, oct-oct. In all 3 he has bonked. Bonking for those of you that don't know is a very weird thing. Basically you run out of fuel. But it can manefest itself in alot of ways. But the worst symtom, in a race, is that you can't run fast anymore. I bonked at the CDA marathon and it took me 1 hr and 3 min. to run the last 6.2 miles. to put that in perspective I ran the 1st 20 miles in 2 hr and 50 min. And you are in this sureal frame of mind. I literally thought about grabing this kids doughnut as I ran by him....a little kid.... about 3. Anyway my past bonk and Tony's 3rd bonk have caused us to rethink our training. All of our train to this point has had us running between 20-30 miles a week. Whick we thought was enough but I don't think that forces the body to adapt eneough. These guys that are serious and fast runners are doing 50-100 miles a week. We are not quite that whacked out but tony has Boston in April and With me doing Ironman next June adding some weekly milage makes sense for base building if nothing else. I think it will help me alot. Time will be the biggest factor. I'm going to have to start swimming pretty soon, as much as I hate it. Bikeing will be almost all indoor pretty soon, which actually saves a little time, since I don't have to load up the bike and go somewhere. I will keep you posted.

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