Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well we are home from vacation actually got home on 10/21, so I'm a little behind. Cabo was great as always.Stayed at a great place www.HILTONLOSCABOS.COM
as much as I hate to support Paris hilton in any way the place was nice. Ran on the beach a couple of days and on the treadmill a couple. It was about 90 by 0900 so we had to be up and running early. Running in the sand has to be good for you it requires so many aux muscles to maintain balance and footing. At a min. it's a great core workout as for running about 10:30/mi was as fast as I could go. That pace had my hr at red line. But for the week we were in Cabo I still got 26 miles. This past week wee increased again and I ended up with 29.6. This gave me a good mix of hills,tempo and long and slow. Sundays long run was 12.2 @ 9:45 pace. It was tough because I had worked all night and it was about 35 and rained for most of the run. But Tony and I pounded it out. The plan for this week is a total of 33 miles. Speed work on wed. and 14 mile long run on sunday. I also start swimming with the master swim club on tues night....Whoopee.

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