Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Well Sunday culminated a busy week. Mon. was a rest day, Tues. was a killer hill workout. I pick a steep hill 0.25 miles long and ran 7 repeats the first 5 were run in 2 min each followed by jogging down, the last 2 were a little tougher and 2:17, 2:24 was all I could manage. My lungs hurt for 2 days from breathing so hard I think I actually strained my intercostal muscles. Wed. was a 7 mile tempo run. Thur and Fri were spent at silver mtn skiing in knee deep powder, awsome snow. Sat was my my long run 14 miles, on the treadmill no less, pace was nice and easy 7 mph x 2 hrs. And last but not least was the St.Paddy's Five. I actually set a pr with a time of 35:34 on my watch, they had me at 35:46. Oh well, 31 miles for the week and I felt great.

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