Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting fat,new tv,cold weather,no skiing

Well the title pretty much sums up my life lately, oh yea and working my 2 jobs. I did get a badass 52" tv. The picture is incredible. Can't wait to watch the super bowl on it. I just hope the game is a good one. I have ridden my bike on the trainer a couple of times, still hate that. This week was shitty for running. I still have not got into the groove. I have to figure it out pretty soon ~18 wks until the marathon.
I also got some new skis this week. Skied Thursday and it was awful. Icey! we have not had any precip since the 1st of the month. My buddy Pat and I are going to Salt Lake next Thursday for a couple of days of good skiing, I hope they get dumped on.
I will post some pictures from Alta next week.


Michael W. Bergquist said...

You've got to come over on Sunday and do some marathon training with me. The weather sucks, but it's not as bad if other people are suffering in it with you.

BRFOOT said...

I'm working this week so Su. I will be sleeping in the am so that I can watch the superbowl. My buddy the "Hobbit" lives out by you. I told him he should go run with you on long run days.

The Hobbit Speaks said...

Bryan is truly understating his attraction to cookies, cakes and any other random snacks. Even with my taunting and friendly encouragement to begin running again he seemingly has a true lack of motivation and spunk. Finally Bryan agees to meet me for a slow medium length run. Appears Bryan sporting a brand new yellow long sleeve form-fitting shirt. He looked liked he'd morphed into the Chiquita banana and the Michlen man. I'm talking full-on outtie. Once where you'd find defined abdominals? Now Mt.Vesuvius. My friend who has lovingly coined me "The Hobbit" deserves some ribbing. GET WITH THE PROGRAM it's time for Boston

Anonymous said...

What can I say? Tony has pretty much said it all...Wow, guess you deserved that one!