Saturday, August 09, 2008


Well the best laid plans can often go to shit. So yesterday I went skiing,as I often do this time of year. Actually before I got into the triathlon thing this was how I spent most of my time in the spring,summer and 1st part of the fall. The past few years though I have stayed off the water until my major race was over.This is because I didn't want to take a chance on getting hurt. If you have ever watched competitive water skiing then you'll understand this. But suffice it to say that the combination of speed and water can prove to be very painful. The picture is of a pro showing what the turn should look like. My turn coming out of the 4 ball did not go quite as planned. As I came around the ball my ski washed out and I basically smacked the side of my head on the water. The force was enough and the angle just right to cause my eardrum to rupture. OUCH! Long term prognosis is good. However I do have to stay out of the water for a week or two. So no race today. No water skiing for a while. So needless to say I'm pretty disappointed in how my summer is turning out. Next week I will go see a ENT and see how it is healing and find out if it will have to be surgically repaired. This could really screw up a dive trip planned for October but I will wait until I know for sure before I get pissed about that.

On a better note I am very happy to report that my brother has safely made it home from Iraq. I know his wife and 2 kids are thrilled to have dad back in the house. Welcome home Ron and thanks for all of your service to our country and the sacrifices that I know you have made.

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