Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MAF Test

Yesterday I did a MAF test prior to doing some 800's with Bob. The results of the test are pretty amazing. First though let me show you what my previous test results were.
test #1 11/3
mile 1 @ 141, 8:51/mi
mile 2 @ 144, 9:08/mi
mile 3 @ 143, 9:16/mi

test #2 12/4
mile 1 @ 143, 8:34
mile 2 @ 145, 8:48
mile 3 @ 145, 8:58

So as you can see I was making progress. This was doing exclusive MAF training. Of course since Jan. I was building up for IMCDA so most of that training is pretty low intensity as well but alot more volume. Then as you get closer to the race you add more intensity.

test # 3 7/15/08
mile 1 @ 144, 8:09
mile 2 @ 144, 8:14
mile 3 @ 144, 8:29

notice that my 3rd mile is faster now than my 1st mile was back in Dec. I guess that's progress.


Spokane Al said...

That is very impressive. You are definitely moving in the right direction!

Michael W. Bergquist said...

Looks like you could have done a fourth mile at a faster pace than your first mile on the first test. Looks like something's working. If it ain't broke ...

Matt said...

Nice work, Brfoot. I've abandoned the MAF work for now because I can't maintain the volume plus I need speed. Even Lucho concurs. I can't wait to see how it pans out when I start to test again. Right now I'm just running and having fun! And doing research on what others say about that controversial HRM. . .