Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This past weekend was the Sundae Sunday, a 10 mile race here in Spokane. Jayne and I both did it. Tony tried to poke his own eye out with a stick on Saturday, so he could not run. I had a good run 1:13:54 which is over 6 minutes fasted than I've ever done this race. And man I was sore on Monday. There are some pretty good hills on this course and on the long downhill I was doing about 6:17/mile. I have to take advantage of my long legs.
Jayne ran with her friend Amy. And they had a good run as well 1:32. probably would have been a little fast if Amy had not trip and fallen down at about the 4 mile mark. Scraped her leg up pretty good.
The remander of this month is going to be dedicated to increasing my run milage. I am going to run the Colbert 1/2 marathon on Oct. 6th. That will probably be my last race for this year. Then it's base building time to get ready for next years Ironman.

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